Asan-Maina Flag, Municipality of the US Territory of Guam (Guahan)

Asan-Maina is one of nineteen municipalities on the U.S. Territory of Guam. The Asan-Maina flag design depicts the relaxed lifestyle of the village, among other things. The design depicts the Asan Memorial War Park, where many island visitors and locals alike make their way to enjoy a stroll in the park, ride bikes, catch some wind and waves in the ocean, and play in the grass. The park, a nationally recognized war park, boasts many coconut trees that make it a picturesque setting, especially when silhouettes are created by Guam’s beautiful setting sun. It is also host to many annual events including an easter egg hunt and a kite flying festival. The flag design bottom center inset displays the village flower, the Plumeria. The flag includes two stars representing Asan and Maina villages. The red strips represents the blood that was shed on the shores of Asan beach during World War II by American soldiers and by the Chamorro people of Guam who were injured and died.

This flag was designed by Gerard V. Aflague, a Guam born native, in collaboration with the mayor and his staff. Reproduction of this image is allowed without license. This image is not copyright protected and may be downloaded for public, commercial, or personal use. However, use of this image in any way requires a caption crediting the designer as shown below. If you would like to purchase this image printed on banners, stickers, brochures, flags, or other media, please email

Note: This flag design has been produced for the Mayors’ Council of Guam. For information regarding official adoption of this flag design, please contact the the Mayors’ Council of Guam directly.

Credit: Flag designed by Gerard V. Aflague

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