Guam (Guahan) Flag, US Territory

Flag of GuamIn July 1917, Roy Smith, the Naval Governor of Guam at the current time, approved the design of the Guam flag which was designed by Mrs. Helen L. Paul. That same year the flag was officially adopted and the Guam flag would be flown together with the American flag wherever the American flag was located on the island of Guam. The design of the Guam flag consisted of a rectangular field of deep blue color with a red border, and having at its center the Guam coat of arms which was oval-shaped and consisted of a proa, or sailing canoe, a palm tree, and the cliff line of Two Lover’s Point in the background.

The Guam flag made its first appearance at an industrial fair in 1917 at the Plaza de Espana in Hagatna. It was officially accepted by the Guam Congress in 1950. A great typhoon of 1918 left one coconut palm standing at the mouth of the Hagatna River, recreating the scene on the flag. In 1930 the oval design in the center of the Guam flag was officially made the Great Seal of the Territory of Guam.


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