Frequently Asked Questions About Guam’s Municipal Flags

When were these flag designs of Guam’s municipalities created?

These flag designs of Guam’s municipalities were created in 2010 and 2011, but adopted unofficially in late 2011.

What was the impetus for coming up with designs for Guam’s municipalities?

The Mayors’ Council of Guam received funds from the Guam Visitor’s Bureau as part of the “We are Guam” marketing effort. The council approved the use of funds to obtain professional design services outlining requirements that would ultimately create municipality flag designs that depict the cultural and iconic significance of each village.

Are these flag designs eternally fixed as the representative design of the municipality?

It is the position of the Mayors’ Council that these designs can remain or change based on the ultimate decision of the mayor in office at the time. Design improvements and suggestions ultimately will be decided by each office itself.

How can I affect change on a design that I would like to see?

Make your voice heard by contacting your village mayor and advising him or her of your design suggestions, or leave a comment right here on this blog site of your specific flag design of interest. Your mayor or their representative may get wind of your comment and take note of it for future design improvements.

Can I save a copy of these flags for use in a commercial or non-commercial project?

Yes. All flag design images on this site are non-copyrighted and can be used without permission. However, when publishing any design on your print, video, or online publication, you must credit the designer of the flags of the municipalities of Guam. This can simply be done by adding the following under the flag design that you publish. Credit: Designed by Gerard V. Aflague


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