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This blog is to be used to share the various flags of the U.S. Territory of Guam and its municipalities in order to educate and inform those interested in the flags that represent the culture and the history of this American territory in the Northwest Pacific.

Guam Code Annotated 2000, §1031. Municipal Flags – Reads that the various Municipal Planning Councils of the Territory may adopt an official municipal flag which depicts the history and culture of the respective village. The Chairmen of the Municipal Planning Councils shall notify the Compiler of Laws of the selection and description of the flag. The municipal flags may be reproduced for official purposes in smaller or larger sizes.

As a result of the above Guam Statute the Mayors’ Council of Guam has been working to design flags for each of Guam’s municipalities based on unique cultural aspects and landmarks that are specific to each municipality. This blog will be the unofficial website for the publishing of all of Guam’s 19 municipality flags to be represented here.

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